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Water tank clean & Disinfection

We carry out tank clean & disinfection to all size’s of tanks and done to a very high standard, tanks are inspected on a 6 monthly basis and regular maintenance should be put in place to keep them safe. Water sampling can be done periodically to safeguard these systems.

Water sampling

Where water condition is a concern, we can test water samples to determine water quality. This can be done as an ad-hoc request, such as when a building user reports a concern over water taste or discolour, or as a regular function for high risk sites, such as an elderly care site.

Legionella Risk Asessments

We can carry out Legionella risk assessments of your water systems to make sure that you are compliant. We can also design maintenance systems to reduce or eliminate the risk, keeping our clients compliant with regulation standards (HSG274 and Approved Code of Practice L8, for example).