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Quality Services

Sherpa will deliver the service you require, when you need it. Our Technicians are Water Hygiene professionals and hold qualifications as well as experience in the industry.

Tank clean’s & disinfection

We carry out tank clean & disinfection to all size’s of tanks and done to a very high standard, tanks are inspected on a 6 monthly basis and regular maintenance should be put in place to keep them safe. Water sampling can be done periodically to safeguard these systems. Sherpa can also refurbish ageing water tanks and can offer a tank survey to determine what would be financially beneficial for the client.

Risk Assessment

We can carry out Legionella risk assessments of your water systems to make sure that you are compliant. We can also design maintenance systems to reduce or eliminate the risk, keeping our clients compliant with regulation standards (HSG274 and Approved Code of Practice L8, for example).

Scheme of control

After the Risk Assessment has been completed, we can help produce a Written Scheme. This is a system of work that targets the risk areas and reduces or eliminates the risk.

Examples can include tank inspection and cleaning, flushing of outlets, system disinfection etc, where the Risk Assessment highlights a need to carry out the work.

We can also provide a System of control for the building & provide a Management responsibility folder.

Water Quality Testing

Where water condition is a concern, we can test water samples to determine water quality. This can be done as an ad-hoc request, such as when a building user reports a concern over water taste or discolour, or as a regular function for high risk sites, such as an elderly care site. Or on a more periodic programme.

There are a variety of tests that can be completed, from an emergency 24-hour legionella test, to a more general test to prove the potability (cleanliness quality) of water.

Remedial Works

It is important that building owners help reduce risks by removing or replacing high risk components or pipework. We can help remove dead ends and dead legs, where lengths of pipework are not being used.

Sherpa can also carry out servicing on water softeners and other equipment.

Testing and Conditioning

Where a building, part of a building (new build or old) has been effected by a fire, flood or has been empty for over a month, a significant risk has been created that can see a rise in water borne bacteria.  We can help clients keep these empty sites free from risk and ensure that water systems are safe to use and drink .

Legionella Awareness Training

Sherpa can help you increase Legionella Awareness with an engaging and interesting training session. It is designed to inform staff about the origins of the diseases, the legal aspects of it and how managing Legionella risk is part of everyday life. Staff will take the knowledge and skills gained from the interactive session, and use them back into the workplace. There is a separate session designed for Duty Holders, which educates senior managers about the disease, the legal requirements and how the risks are managed.


TMV’s are put in place to reduce scald risks within a building or property, Sherpa can carry out the regular interval servicing of the TMV’s keeping them functioning correctly and making sure they deliver the correct temperature to the outlets.

Regular interval servicing also prolongs the life of the TMV which then in the long run means less money spending out on new valves.

Sherpa can also install new TMV’s to outlets where required.

More Services

Above is a range of the most popular services we offer. Sherpa Environmental does offer more, and we advise that you contact us on 01582 343116 for further details.