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Scheme Of Control

TMV’s are put in place to reduce scald risks within a building or property, Sherpa can carry out regular interval servicing of the TMV’s keeping them functioning correctly and making sure they deliver the correct temperature to the outlets.


Regular TMV Service intervals also prolongs the life of the Thermostatic Mixing Valve ‘TMV’ which in the long run means less money spent on new valves.
Sherpa can also install new TMV’s to outlets where required.

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TMV Maintenance

Did you know?

Every year around 20 people die as a result of scalds caused by hot bath water and a further 570 suffer serious scald injuries. TMV’s can also be a source of biofilm where legionella bacteria can breed if not maintained accordingly – for this reason they should form part of the sites legionella risk assessment and legionella control policy.

The Right Amount of Energy

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  • Carry out risk assessments where appropriate

  • Servicing will involve checking the TMV to see if the valves operate as designed

  • Once the TMV servicing safety check has been completed successfully we will isolate the water supply and strip the TMV down to first clean, then descale and finally disinfect the strainers

  • Make sure hot and cold water entering the valve is mixed to a temperature pre-selected by the user or installer and can be set between 39-43°C

  • If required, adequate training and supervision shall be provided to ensure that staff who maintain the premises, or assist vulnerable people, understand the risks and precautions


TMV Maintenance 100%
System Survey 100%
Time Management 100%
Risk Assessment 100%


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If you do not find the service you are looking for below, it’s more than likely we can cater for it, please give Sherpa Environmental a call on 01582 343116 to discuss.

Legionella Risk Assessments

We can carry out TMV Maintenance and Thermostatic Mixing Value Services to make sure that you are compliant.

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Legionella Awareness Training

Sherpa can help you increase Legionella Awareness with an engaging and interesting training session.

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Tank Clean’s
& Disinfection

We carry out tank clean & disinfection to all size’s of tanks and done to a very high standard.

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TMV Maintenance

After the Risk Assessment has been completed, we can help produce a Written Scheme.

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Water Quality Testing

Where water condition is a concern, we can test water samples to determine water quality.

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Remedial Works

It is important that building owners help reduce risks by removing or replacing high risk components or pipework.

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Sherpa Environmental are accredited members of the LCA, and are regularly audited and inspected by them to ensure we are working to high standards.
Modern law can be confusing and places a lot of pressure on building owners to comply with government regulations, particularly around Legionella. To help, Sherpa guarantee a wide range of services that are designed to offer a complete water hygiene solution. This means we can survey, assess the risks and help design a solution for you, reducing or eliminating the risks entirely. Sherpa works with a Solutions Partner philosophy, giving you sound advice to help you manage your water hygiene risks within your building or portfolio, all at cost effective rates. We guarantee to:

  • Abide by the Legionella Control Associations Code Of Practice

  • Comply with ISO9001

  • Comply with ISO14001

  • Compliance with Safe Contractor health and safety

  • Offer great value for money

  • All our work!


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